Cornelia De Lange

Anxiety in Cornelia de Lange syndrome

Presenter: Dr Hayley Crawford

Date of presentation: 28th October 2017

Conference or event: Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Foundation UK and Ireland National Family Conference

Venue: Hilton Hotel, Swindon, UK


Overview of the talk

The presentation focused on anxiety in children and adults who have Cornelia de Lange syndrome (CdLS). Recent research on anxiety in CdLS conducted by Dr Hayley Crawford (Coventry University) in collaboration with the Cerebra Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders was discussed. This research documents the profile of anxiety related disorder in CdLS compared to other genetic syndromes. In addition, research on behavioural markers of anxiety was discussed, alongside data that demonstrate the situations in which someone with CdLS is most likely to display behavioural indicators of anxiety. Additionally, strategies to help identify whether someone with an intellectual disability is anxious, and tools to alleviate and manage anxiety were outlined.



Cerebra's Anxiety Guide: A Guide for Parents [View]


The following paper may also be useful:

Diverse profiles of anxiety related disorders in fragile X, Cornelia de Lange and Rubinstein-Taybi syndromes [View on Researchgate] [Alternative View]


Interested in getting involved in research?

If you or someone that you know has CdLS or Fragile-X syndrome and would possibly be interested in taking part in an ongoing research study, please watch the videos below on how to get involved:

Adults with CdLS:



Children/ Adults with Fragile-X:



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