Autism Spectrum Disorder in Kleefstra Syndrome

In August 2015, members of the Cerebra Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders and the Kleefstra Syndrome Support Group (led by Fiona & Chris Heslehurst) teamed up with families at the Kleefstra syndrome conference to share parents' experiences of their children with Kleefstra syndrome. In this final video, parents describe their experiences of some of the characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Please note: not all of the children seen or described in the video have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, but they show some of the associated characteristics described below. 

Many children with Kleefstra Syndrome show behaviours which are described as characteristic of Autism Spectrum Disorder, including:

•          Poor or unusual social interaction skills

•          Delayed development or difficulties in verbal and non-verbal (gestures, pointing, showing etc.) communication

•          The presence of repetitive behaviours

The severity of ASD experienced by individuals with Kleefstra Syndrome varies greatly. Some individuals will exhibit repetitive behaviours and difficulty in social situations while others are reported to be very sociable.  Much more research is needed in this area. 


For more information on Autism Spectrum Disorder, go to the Key Topics area of this website and select 'Autism Spectrum Disorder' in the drop down box. Further information about ASD and many other behaviours in Kleefstra syndrome will be coming to the FIND website on SATURDAY 3rd December 2016!

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) provided funding for these films in collaboration with the University of BirminghamCerebra, and UNIQUE. You can also watch a short film of parent introductions for children with Kleefstra Syndrome, and a short film about social skillsmoodcommunication and challenging behaviour in Kleefstra syndrome. Keep an eye out for updates about the upcoming 2017 Kleefstra Family Conference on kleefstra.org.

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