child story



Evie is 9 years old and has Cri du Chat syndrome

She enjoys scarves, her sensory box and playing on the trampoline

She enjoys listening to music and nursery rhymes

She has 2 cats called Billy and Leila and a dog called Buddy

She laughs when she is tickled and when playing movement or hiding games

Her family’s proudest moments are when Evie takes more steps towards becoming independent


Evie is younger in this photo.  This photo was taken during a research study in 2009.  Shared with permission.

Videos from when Evie was 4 show her starting the behaviour of self-biting and punching/grabbing others. 5 years on these behaviours are much worse and cause Evie lots of problems.

Evie has a lot of difficulties and behavioural issues but she is cheeky, funny and happy a lot of the time!

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