child story



Maya is 11 years old and has Cri du Chat syndrome

Her favourite colour is red

Some her favourite animals are horses, fish, cats and dogs

Her favourite games are Innotab 2, cards and connect 4, she also enjoys playing football and on the swings

She loves music, particularly One Direction and books

Maya has two pet fish called Bill and Ben

She has a great sense of humour; TV programmes and bad auditions on X Factor make her laugh

She is like a ray of sunshine, she brightens up the dullest of days and puts everything into perspective

Some of her family’s proudest moments are when she was learning to walk, seeing how determined she was to feed herself, watching her interact with other children/people

Funniest moment: When she pinched a sandwich from a stranger’s plate whilst the family were at a cafe.


Maya is younger in this photo.  This photo was taken during a research study in 2009.  Shared with permission.

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