child story


Ollie is 22 years old and has Fragile X syndrome

His favourite colour is blue

His favourite animals are horses and he loves going horse riding every week

He enjoys playing games on his computer, Scooby Doo and watching videos on YouTube

He doesn’t have any pets but he walks two dogs which belong to a lady who takes him out whilst his mother is at work. Their names are Darcy and Honey.

Being with his friends, having fun and watching the Chuckle Brothers on stage makes him laugh

The family’s proudest moment was when Ollie learned how to swim

Ollie loves to be out and about in the community. He loves going for rides in the car with his mum and going for meals with his friends from our social group.

Funniest moment: When they went to see Chuckle Brothers at the theatre and one of the Chuckle Brothers came off the stage and squirted Ollie with a water pistol. Ollie laughed so much that everyone else started laughing - then they squirted everyone else too. 

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