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NEW UPDATE: Informant assessments of behaviour and affect for people with intellectual disability (V2)

A revised, no cost and updated (V2) resource of 14 observational and informant-based assessments is now available to download.

It includes instructions for use and scoring protocols for all assessments. For some assessments, long and short forms, translations and example data are available. The assessments focus on various domains of behaviour and emotion that it might be beneficial to quantify and record for the purposes of research or clinical practice. The majority of assessments have been designed for use with people with profound to moderate intellectual disability and so are sensitive to context and compromised self-report.

To download the PDF you need to log in, or register below. We ask that you please do not provide a copy of the PDF to others and instead direct them to register and download for themselves. We collate information on downloads to inform impact so we can continue to provide these measures as "no cost". Finally, please let others know about this resource.



This resource is available for individuals in both healthcare and research settings. Due to the nature of some of the material that will be available and for ethical reasons, individuals must have specialist training in order to carry out some of the assessments and measures. Below are some of the assessments and measures that are available:

  • Challenging Behaviour Questionnaire (CBQ)
  • Mood, Interest and Pleasure Questionnaire (MIPQ)
  • Repetitive Behaviour Questionnaire (RBQ)
  • The Activity Questionnaire (TAQ)


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