In this section you can read various research news articles that have important topics relating to rare genetic disorders.

This section is for any parents or professionals who wish to read up to date information about syndromes and to broaden their knowledge.

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Fragile X

Mental health difficulties in children with learning disabilities

Overview of the presentation This presentation was delivered by Chris Oliver and Jane Waite (pictured...

Fragile X

Challenging behaviour in fragile-X syndrome

Presenter: Dr Jane Waite Date of presentation: 24th September 2017 Conference or event: Fragile-X...

Fragile X

New videos posted by The Fragile X Society, UK

Fragile X Society, UK have posted a series of new educational videos about Fragile...

Fragile X

Fragile X syndrome and Autism Spectrum disorders

Fragile X syndrome is caused by genetic mutation which results in the absence or...

Fragile X

Attentional Control in fragile X syndrome

Attention problems in fragile X syndrome (FXS) are often stated as one of the...

Fragile X

Subtle differences in social behaviour identified in people with fragile X and Cornelia de Lange syndromes

Researchers at the Cerebra Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders, University of Birmingham have discovered that...

Fragile X

Eye-tracking study confirms people with fragile X and Cornelia de Lange syndromes look differently at social information

Researchers have identified differences in the way in which people with different genetic syndromes...

Fragile X

New findings replicate association between repetitive behaviour and executive function in fragile X and Cornelia de Lange syndromes

Executive function is a term you may be familiar with, but most people have...