In this section you can read various research news articles that have important topics relating to rare genetic disorders.

This section is for any parents or professionals who wish to read up to date information about syndromes and to broaden their knowledge.

The articles are ordered with the newest piece of research first and the articles can also be filtered by syndrome by using the filter.

We hope you find the research articles interesting!


The Benefits of Communication Passports

Research has shown that many behaviours that challenge are associated with communication difficulties.  Interventions...


Autism spectrum symptoms in Smith-Magenis syndrome and Williams syndrome: comparisons and contrasts

Autism Spectrum Disorder is characterised by a triad of impairments which involve persistent deficits...


Concrete and relational vocabulary: Comparison between Williams and Smith-Magenis Syndromes

A new study has compared the concrete and relational vocabulary performance of individuals with...


Cerebra sleep seminar 13th November - presentations now available

Cerebra hosted a sleep seminar in Birmingham focusing on sleep in children with developmental...


New perspectives on understanding challenging behaviour

Some individuals with intellectual disabilities can show behaviours such as self-injurious behaviour and aggression...