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Key Fact
Everyone with Smith-Magenis syndrome is an individual.

Physical Characteristics

An individual with Smith-Magenis syndrome may have many of the following physical characteristics or only a select few. There is a wide range of physical characteristics in Smith-Magenis syndrome.

Common facial features in Smith-Magenis syndrome include;

  • Brachycephaly (flat head shape) 
  • Heavy brows with a prominent forehead
  • A broad face
  • Mid-face hypoplasia (when the centre of the face develops more slowly than the eyes, forehead and jaw)
  • Broad nasal bridge
  • Downturned corners of the mouth
  • Upward slanting eyes
  • A heavy jaw


The facial appearance of people with Smith-Magenis syndrome changes with age; in infancy it is described as ‘doll like’ or cherubic but it is described as coarsening with age.  


Other physical features include short, broad hands, short stature and a hoarse, deep voice.


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