<p>Parents describe their experiences of "behaviours that challenge"</p>

Parents describe their experiences of "behaviours that challenge"

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There is almost never a one-to-one relationship between what we think of as a cause of challenging behaviour and the behaviour itself.

Behavioural Difficulties in Kleefstra Syndrome


Some parents report that their children with Kleefstra syndrome experience behavioural difficulties, but very little research has been conducted into this area. Common difficulties include:

•   Aggressive behaviours towards others (including biting, hair pulling and hitting)
•    Unpredictable mood swings
•    Struggling to adapt to changes in routine  

Watch the video above to hear about parent experiences of behaviours that challenge in Kleefstra Syndrome. 

If a person has a diagnosis of Kleefstra syndrome it does not mean they will show any or all of these behaviours as everyone with Kleefstra syndrome is an individual.

Understanding which behaviours are more likely to occur in Kleefstra syndrome means that parents, carers and professionals would be in a stronger position to support a person with Kleefstra syndrome.  This is because they can learn about why this behaviour is happening and develop interventions that are specific to people with this syndrome. Therefore much more research is needed to identify the specific challenges that individuals with Kleefstra syndrome face, and how this might affect their behaviour.  

Whilst there is not much research into these behaviours in Kleefstra syndrome, there is a large amount of research on the general causes of challenging behaviours such as aggression, self-injurious behaviour and destruction of behaviour.  You can learn about the causes of behaviour and how to manage these behaviours in the following sections of the website:

Risk Markers for Challenging Behaviour

Understanding Challenging Behaviour

Assessment of Challenging Behaviour

Interventions for Challenging Behaviour



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