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Key Fact
Some individuals with Smith-Magenis syndrome have a strong interest in computers.

Mood & Interest in Smith-Magenis Syndrome

People with Smith-Magenis syndrome are frequently described as loving and caring, eager to please and with a good sense of humour. They are also described as having engaging personalities and this is reflected in relative strengths in socialisation skills. Individuals with Smith-Magenis syndrome enjoy adult attention and interacting with adults, although the desire for individual attention from adults may be intense.


Infants with Smith-Magenis syndrome are described as being very placid and have easy temperaments and this continues until the age of around 1 year old.  As children become toddlers however their behaviour starts to diverge from typically developing peers. Around 75% of individuals have frequent temper outbursts and it has been reported that older individuals may show anxiety and sudden mood shifts.  However, research suggests that individuals react well to consistency, structure and routine which may reduce any potential temper outbursts and/or sudden mood shifts. It has also been suggested that many individuals with Smith-Magenis syndrome really enjoy music which may be used as a reinforcer, as well as helping them to calm down.


There is limited research into specific interests that individuals with Smith-Magenis syndrome may have, however some individuals are described as having a strong interest in and aptitude with electronics and computers, particularly as they get older.

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