<p>Parents discuss communication skills in Smith-Magenis syndrome</p>

Parents discuss communication skills in Smith-Magenis syndrome

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Key Fact
Individuals with Smith-Magenis syndrome may understand more than they can communicate.

Adaptive Skills in Smith-Magenis Syndrome

Many individuals with Smith-Magenis syndrome may be highly dependent on parents and carers for support in daily activities such as dressing and cooking meals.  Some may also need close supervision and are unable to be left alone for long periods of time, this results in many adults with Smith-Magenis syndrome not being able to live fully independently.


Researchers have proposed that the difficulties in adaptive skills in Smith-Magenis syndrome are due to the challenging behaviour, attention deficits, impulsive behaviour, strong attachment to particular people and autistic behaviours characteristic of the syndrome rather than impairments in cognitive ability.


Communication in Smith-Magenis syndrome can be impaired, with individuals having a better understanding of what is being said in comparison to what they can communicate. However, individuals with Smith-Magenis syndrome have been reported to be less impaired in their communicative abilities than other syndromes.

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