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Motor development is delayed in Kleefstra syndrome

Adaptive Living Skills



Children with Kleefstra syndrome have delayed motor development. Motor development refers to the control of the larger muscles and includes behaviours such as walking and jumping. Even with a motor development delay most children with Kleefstra syndrome are able to walk.



Self-Help Skills

Self-help skills in Kleefstra syndrome vary widely.  Skills such as washing, dressing and feeding require fine motor control and planning, and many children and adults will need help with these daily tasks.  Fine motor skills are often delayed in Kleefstra syndrome due to low muscle tone and poor coordination. Some individuals will achieve a degree of independence in this area, but many will need continued support with day to day living.




Communication skills vary in individuals with Kleefstra syndrome, but most children are able to express themselves with words, signs or gestures. For further information on communication skills in Kleefstra syndrome, please click here. 




The information on this website was developed in collaboration with This is the parental support group for Kleefstra, a well-developed community with an active facebook group and parent support conference. Please visit their website for further information and to get in touch with families of individuals with Kleefstra syndrome.  


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