<p>Parents of children with Kleefstra syndrome describe their children's sociability</p>

Parents of children with Kleefstra syndrome describe their children's sociability

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Children with Kleefstra syndrome often prefer to be with adults than children

Social Skills in Kleefstra Syndrome

Watch the video above to hear parents of children with Kleefstra syndrome describe their social interactions.  


Some individuals with Kleefstra syndrome are reported to be very friendly and sociable, while others may struggle with social interactions. Children with Kleefstra syndrome often relate better to adults than other children. They are often described as having little or no stranger anxiety, and may even be seen as overfriendly.


Some researchers believe that while many children and adults with Kleefstra syndrome are very socially motivated (e.g. have desire for social interaction), understanding social situations may be more difficult for people with Kleefstra syndrome.  More research is needed to confirm these observations.




The information on this website was developed in collaboration with www.kleefstrasyndrome.org. This is the parental support group for Kleefstra, a well-developed community with an active facebook group and parent support conference. Please visit their website for further information and to get in touch with families of individuals with Kleefstra syndrome.  

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