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Everyone with Kleefstra syndrome is an individual

Overactivity and Impulsivity in Kleefstra Syndrome


There is very little research exploring over-activity and impulsivity in Kleefstra syndrome.  Case reports (individual descriptions) of people with Kleefstra syndrome suggest that impulsivity may be an issue for some.  However, another small study of 10 individuals found that individuals with 9q34 deletions were no more impulsive or over-active than people with two other syndromes (Cri du Chat syndrome and Down syndrome); however, this study was done with a small number of individuals and is yet to be published in a scientific journal.  More research is needed to understand whether impulsivity and overactivity are characteristic of Kleefstra syndrome.


Impulsivity, overactivity and repetitive behaviours are generally higher in people with genetic syndromes who show challenging behaviours (e.g. self-injury, aggression); however, this has not been looked at in Kleefstra syndrome.  You can read more about this by going to the key areas section of this website, and selecting 'Overactivity and Impulsivity' from the dropdown menu. 



The information on this website was developed in collaboration with This is the parental support group for Kleefstra, a well-developed community with an active facebook group and parent support conference. Please visit their website for further information and to get in touch with families of individuals with Kleefstra syndrome.  

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